Step by Step Through a Typical Project:
- Sign preliminary contract ($2,000) with pieceHomes to initiate preliminary review of project. This fee is credited towards the fee for a full contract when the project reaches that stage.

- Visit site with pieceHomes before purchasing property, if possible.

- Purchase or designate building site.

- Review the accessibility of your site, to determine if/how we can bring modules to it. This we do by bringing a crane crew, and set crew to visit the site.

- Review the various pieceHomes designs to determine which one is suitable for your needs, fits the site etc. Determine if design needs to be customized or a custom design needs to be created.

- Contract with pieceHomes for architectural services.

- Contract with local factory; purchase of the modules is made directly from the factory.

- Engineering for the project; for both the factory and site built portions of the work.

- Identify and hire a local general contractor for the on-site work. pieceHomes will assist with this.

- Permits: pieceHomes architects manage the permitting process for both the on-site and factory permits.

- Financing: we can help locate loan broker who is familiar with modular housing.

- Green energy technology: pieceHomes can guide you through the purchase of solar panels and other green technologies.

- Build the modules in the factory while simultaneously doing the site-work (foundations, utilities etc).

- pieceHomes architects periodically review work at the factory and on-site.

- Delivery: Transportation, Crane & Set Crew. Modules will be trucked from the factory to the site.

- "Button up" work on-site; finishing the marriage line between modules, paint touch up, and other small items.

- Construction of any site built components; garage, driveway, decks, fencing, landscape, etc.

- Obtain Certificate of Occupancy and move in!

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