Net-Zero Energy Houses

This series of homes was first built as net-zero homes as part of Grow Community on Bainbridge Island, as short ferry ride from Seattle. These homes can be built in the factory as either modular or panelized homes, as well as site built, using plans provided by pieceHomes. All of the homes have floor plans that live bigger than their square footage might indicate, taking advantage of open, flexible floor plans, copious amounts of natural light and a strong connection between indoors and outdoors. All of these homes are built with the latest of energy efficient techniques and technologies which means significantly lower energy bills. They have been modeled to achieve net-zero energy in the Pacific Northwest.*

*Achieving net-zero energy is dependent on number of inhabitants, their lifestyle, location of house and number of solar panels installed.

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What Is Net-Zero?
In a nut shell, a net-zero house is one that has been designed to generate as much or more energy than it uses as measured over the period of a year. Net-zero houses are designed to be as energy efficient as possible using a variety of energy saving appliances and technologies. Then by using solar panels, they can generate their own electricity to offset the amount of electricity used in the house.

Can All pieceHomes Be Net-Zero?
All pieceHomes are designed to be energy efficient but our Net-Zero line is our first series of houses to be thoroughly designed as net-zero energy. All pieceHomes designs can be adjusted to make the house net-zero energy (or to meet any other energy standard) but that may involve some modification to the house design. Please contact us to discuss what this would mean to your project.